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Magical Midnight Blues Session 4

Alice pissed on one of the trees so we could find our way back while Tim just banged his head off another tree before storming off in a direction of the never, never with the rest of us following along the path behind him. It was very sunny in a technicolour kind of way. Trent was now talking to the stones on the ground as he went off on some crazy new religion when they told him to beware. Eventually the path we were on stopped at a tree. It told us it had to ask a riddle to us in a very slow voice and Tim offered my life up to the tree in exchange for letting us pass. The tree said it would take me if we failed the riddle. The riddle it then asked was ‘Give me wood and I will live, give me water and I will die, what am I?’ The religious nut, Trent then answered with the word ‘fire’ which was the right answer and allowed us to pass. It’s name was Crackle and it told us that if we should pass this way again then it would have another riddle for us, but we couldn’t get much more information out of the tree than that.

The forest continued onwards and then stopped at a group of houses that had nobody here except a few charred remains on the ground. We proceeded onwards then entered into a cave where it started getting really warm. Tim made a comment about dragons and how much he disliked their fiery breath. I mentioned that I could always use the wind to create a vacuum like field around us that would stop the fire from reaching us, but Tim slapped me. We eventually reached a room with a woman sitting on a pile of gold. She says she was asked to delay us, though nobody said how she was to delay us, so we ended up talking to her and telling her what had been happening on television lately. Tim tried to give me to her saying that she could eat me if she wanted. Eventually she sighed, saying that she’d delayed us enough already and opened a portal, telling us that if we wanted more answers then we should ask the one with the tree.

We travelled through the portal and arrived at a place where there was a dryad with her tree. Tim told her she could have me if she gave us the girl. The dryad then froze me in place saying that it was a tempting offer, but that she could only take me if we failed the riddle. If we passed the riddle then she would take Tim for herself after a year and a day had passed. The riddle she spoke was ‘Janra and Carell are dead on the floor, a pool of water on slim surface beneath their corpses, glass twinkles in the light and a child’s toy rolls on the floor as the breeze flutters the curtains. How did they die?’ Tim told her that they were goldfish and that they drowned. We got the girl returned to us and were told that she was a potential child of power, which is why the vampires wanted her. After that little event and my comment about Tim trying to get me sold off, killed or eaten all day we finally headed off. Molly used the hair that Dresdon gave us to find our way back. The stones were still saying ‘beware’ as we got back to where the tree was. It was now complaining about the heat so I used up a lot of magic to form a cool breeze for it. After that it let us pass and we continued towards the portal realising that we still had a lot of work to do as we stepped through it.
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Magical Midnight Blues Session 3

Richard Arthurs was called away on an assignment. In the meantime, I kept an eye on the house when Marcus came up and tried to pee on my leg in his wolf form, I quickly moved aside then watched as he walked over to some nearby bushes. It was shortly after this that Molly said goodbye to her mum then left via the front door. We all followed her in our own way. I walked down the street, eventually walking past her and seeing Tim’s car broken down by the side of the road. He called out to the girl before she reached the ally where she usually disappeared, saying that it wasn’t safe for girls to walk alone down darkened streets at this time of night. She stuck her fingers up at him, which allowed me enough time to get into the alley ahead of her. It was around this time that Tim got Pooplekins to smash a potion bottle over her head, knocking her unconscious. We were then called over the phone and told that we were to deliver her to Warehouse 15 on Pier 13 so that her brainwashing could be deactivated.

Tim and Marcus got Molly into the boot of his car with Marcus back in his human form and Alice sitting in the passenger seat in her wolf form. I didn’t want to leave the girl alone with them, but they drove off leaving me with little choice, so I ended up getting there in Richards car. We both arrived at roughly the same time, but the others had stopped for pizza and I was feeling hungry. I asked if they had any left and was offered a slice from Marcus in exchange for a small favour. Entering the warehouse, we seen Mr. Boyd and a tall man with glasses standing next to him. We were asked to hand her over so Mr. Sheen could deprogram her brainwashing. Marcus decided not to hand the girl over and was starting to ask questions again. It was at this point we were surrounded by people with guns and a haze descended all around us at which point I danced, surrounding myself with a barrier of wind to protect me.

When the haze lifted, Molly was gone and a portal of some description had appeared. Tim through a vial of magical liquid coolant across the floor in front of the men with guns, causing them to all fall down as the floor beneath them gave way. Tim then ran into the portal behind us. There was a lot of fighting and someone helped us, shooting a large gun into Mr. Boyd and demanding to know where Molly was. We explained the situation and were told to wait for Dresdon to turn up. When Dresdon turned up we had to explain the whole thing again. He told us that he would have to stay here and keep the portal open while we went inside and retrieved Molly. He then explained that they were trying to get Molly to break one of the seven rules of magic and gave us some food and cold iron, telling us not to leave them there since we wouldn’t want aliens leaving toxic waste on Earth. After that, we stepped through the portal to hear Tim’s words of ‘Welcome to shit creak, hope you have a paddle.’
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Magical Midnight Blues Sessions 1 & 2

Session 1

I was in my room when a little pink sprite with a pitchfork knocked on my university dorm window. I thought he was cute, but it poked me with his pitchfork saying that Mab sent him to tell me to go to Chicago to meet Maeve and that a troll was coming by to pick me up tomorrow. He also asked if I had any pizza so I gave him some from my desk drawer that had been sitting in its box since yesterday. He said he would grant me a favour if I drew a circle and called for pooplekins before leaving me to prepare my stuff.

I had written out and handed in a note to my course tutors mentioning that a family emergency had come up and that I had to go away for a while. The troll came by to pick me up and took me to a night club where Maeve was to be found. She looked about sixteen years old with dreadlocks of varying colours. She wanted me to keep an eye on a small group with two werewolves amongst them. In exchange, she offered me a small favour. One of her attendants then escorted me away and told me that I’d find them in a place called the basement before handing me a poker chip and telling me to ask for the special booth.

Session 2

I did as I was told and was taken to a private booth with a group of other individuals. A man, introducing himself as Mr Boyd, welcomed us mentioning that he had serious business to discuss. He mentioned about how the wizards council had been having problems with the red court of vampires, saying that their view on the darker side of magic was a bit more permanent. We were to seek out a girl named Molly Carpenter who’d been convinced to join a cult. She could still be salvaged, though if the wizard’s council were to find out about her then they might just give her a permanent haircut. He then showed us a picture of a gothic girl with pink/black hair and lots of piercing’s. He explained that the wizard’s council had a rule that doing something bad with magic meant a permanent end. Both Boyd and another man called the archivist, a man who likes cats, were hired on this job. Boyd gave us a key to a penthouse where there was $10,000 of cash, finding this girl would grant us a further $10,000 each. He then mentioned there were a few difficulties to the mission, specifically a place where she goes to and suddenly vanishes. They had the location of her school and house, but apparently the mother was quite formidable.

One of the men offered a lift in his rather old looking car. I agreed, but I soon lived to regret it as all the cars came towards us and we were forced to narrowly miss each of them as we drove along the wrong side of the road at goodness knows what speed. The two people I assumed to be werewolves at the time mentioned that to refuse them meant to refuse the pack. We all entered into the penthouse and got to know each other. The two werewolves were Marcus Wright, hailing from the bronx and Alice Poetras, who’s family owned a restaurant here. There was also some religious guy called Trent and a wizard calling himself Tim the Sorcerer. Richard Arthurs was the last of the group. He was the muscle of the group and most of his information was classified. Tim mentioned that he was going to apply for a teaching job at the school whereas Marcus was obsessed with knowing what I was, along with Trent of course, who heard about hailing the mighty chip on TV and he started getting all religious towards the poker chip in his hand. It was shortly after that I started gambling and drinking with the two werewolves, eventually getting to sleep at around 5:30 in the morning.

When we next awoke, I took some paracetamol tablets and got asked a heap of questions by Marcus about what I was and why I was here. Eventually we travelled to the school after telling him that I was part of the winter court. Trent gave everyone a walkie talkie and I decided to wait halfway along the route from Molly’s school to her home. When she got home and went inside, I could see that her mum looked like a valkirie as she asked Molly to get on with her homework. In the meantime, Alice came by and offered muffins to the house, harassing them until they took the muffins and she got her son to take them to the church. I waited on a nearby street, taking my shoe off and pretending that my foot was sore from walking as I sat upon a wall reading up on one of my university reference books. Alice the werewolf had returned at some point asking the mother about God and trying to get information out of her. Eventually she was directed to the church and told to go away.
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Magical Midnight Blues, my character

Name: Sylvia Storm
Age: 23 years old
Class: Changeling – Sylph (Wind Faerie)
Wealth: Struggling student.
Magic: F A E R I E H E R I T A G E

Attributes: Agility – Superb
Spirit – Great
Charisma – Great
Willpower – Good
Perception – Good

Skills: Dancing – Superb (Wind Dancing – Superb)
Awareness – Superb (Faerie Sight – Superb)
Archery – Superb
Evasion – Superb
Empathy – Superb
Persuasion – Superb
Student – Great

Wind Dancing – The wind dances with me, but I’ve learnt how to be a good dance partner.
Natural Beauty – The way I walk and the way my hair blows in the wind makes me appear so naturally graceful and very pretty.
Heritage – Access to Fae heritage.
Surcease – Can turn to parent’s court for help.

Emotional Turbulence – The wind can do unexpected things if I get upset or angry.
Jinx – Others see me as being cursed since the wind often inadvertently affects things around me for the worse.

Currently studying at university for a degree in Geographical and Meteorological studies. Goes to dance class and archery classes after studies, though when she dances, the wind dances with her. Although it is gentle most of the time, if she gets angry or upset, it gets turbulent and wild usually to the extent that it directs the wind to forcefully protect her with a barrier isolating her from the source of her distress or lashing out at it.
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Changeling Session 5

When I awoke, Nova Solaris was gone. Estella had been tending to my injured body after Nova had entered my body and we fell. I reached up weakly and hugged her.
“Thank you for everything.” I told her. “Please be safe, my friend.”
“What do you mean?” She timidly asked.
“It’s dangerous to be around me just now and I don’t think I would be happy if you were to die because of me. This time could’ve been a close call, but I managed to steal you away from her and now she is a part of me. It’s not the end though…there are many more things that must be done before this city is safe.” I told her as I walked her home and said my final farewell to her before returning to the others back in the freehold.

I went with the Red Cap to pick up the sidhe girl from the law firm she works at. Just then, a fairy appeared from the back seat and munchies bit her finger. A hedgehog then came out of the back seat too. When we got back to the freehold, the pooka wanted to put the fairy in a jar. When she pouted, I picked her up and put her on my shoulder. Mary, the sidhe girl was in awe at the freehold. The pooka then gave the fairy a hot chocolate, which was basically chocolate in a mug of hot water. After she’d eaten it, nasty troll and mini troll tried to bat the fairy about with tennis racquets. She could change her size though and was able to fit between the racquet holes. I wondered if maybe she could make herself small enough to fit between molecules. The whole day was spent chatting with the fairy and Mary. When it was time for her to go, I waved goodbye to Mary then went to bed with Luna and the fairy resting atop my sleeping body. The fairy poked Luna, but got her finger bitten.

I got woken up later by the ringing of my phone. I picked up the fairy from my chest and tried to talk through her, then tiredly dropped her into a cup of water at the side of the bed then answered my actual mobile. I was told that the first dantain had appeared and another dantain wielding a cold iron sword had appeared. In the meantime, the red cap was taking Mary’s dantain self along to retrieve her grandfather from the mental hospital. I tried to run from the dantain while the trolls went off to fight them armed with the power of the dyson. They managed to retrieve both of them in vacuum bags, but they didn’t have enough power to contain both of them.

I was trying my best to fly away using my wings, but the red cap came back with the dantain who held me in place in the middle of Union Street while the nice troll ran up towards me, releasing both dantain and a huge amount of glamour into me, causing me to burst with the glamour into an explosion of power that annihilated union street and destroyed both dantain along with the iron sword, which was instantly vaporised. All of the chimera’s were now real, even my wings and the fairy, but I felt in so much pain from the explosion that I wanted some of the nice drugs the red cap had to make it go away. Mary had fallen unconscious in the red caps car and a huge portal now stood in the middle of Union Street. We all decided that we were going to go through it to investigate the other side, but before we did, I called my mentor to inform him of the incident then used my changeling powers to hide the gateway from mortal view before we went through the portal inside the red caps car and beyond.
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Amira Sintent (Eclipse Daluna) Three Days Downtime

The First Day

I phoned my mentor to let him know what had happened involving the dantain girl that I’d got to believe in her changeling side and was noticing that my phone had some weird creatures with antennae running all over it. I wondered if they were maybe there to collect the signal for the phone, but when I looked again they were gone. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but it seemed pretty fun. Later today I went shopping. I bought some nice jewellery and a pretty dress for the new changeling and infused them with some glamour. She wondered why I was being so nice to her. I mentioned that it was because we were friends and gave her a hug. I stayed by her side overnight, playing games and telling stories to her until nightfall.

The Second Day

I woke up the next morning and had breakfast with the girl, making sure that she liked being around me. I was going to prove I was the best thief by stealing her heart away from the dantain half of her and bringing her to realise her changeling side with a strong belief in herself. I wanted her to understand how much she was cared for when Nova turned up, still in possession of Estella’s body.
“So, found yourself a new friend, have you?” She smiled.
“She’s special too, but not like you. Maybe I should take her from you as well.” Nova laughed.
“Leave her out of this… it’s me you want.” I told her and then closed my eyes as I thought things through.
“Tomorrow at midnight on the full moon on top of the university building, I’ll meet with you. That’s when we’ll decide everything.” I told her. Nova smiled and left with the words.
“You’d better keep your word or else I’ll destroy everything you hold close.”
After that I turned and apologised to the sidhe. I didn’t want her to get involved in my problems when I’d been making such great progress with her and asked her if she would tell the others that depending on the outcome of tomorrow night that I may not be myself. I spent the rest of the day trying to keep the sidhe happy.

The Third Day

I prepared a final gift for the sidhe changeling, it was a sketch I drew of her when she was still sleeping. I put a little glamour into it and wrote a small message in the bottom corner saying for her to believe in herself that a happy fun filled future will open its way to her heart. I then signed it with a creative signature and left before she awoke. She knew from what I told her yesterday that I’d have to meet Nova tonight, but I didn’t want her following me and getting herself hurt so I spent the day preparing for the midnight battle with Nova. It was a full moon tonight as I stood upon the university building as eclipse waiting for Nova. She flew up onto the building and faced off against me.
“So, it’s time to settle this once and for all.” She smiled.
“I’m going to win you know and then you’ll be forever locked away in a tranquil dream, but don’t worry…it won’t hurt.”
“I’m going to steal my friend back from you and end this once and for all.” I told her as I gathered my strength and the two of us faced off against each other. We both ascended up into the skies and flew towards each other exchanging blows in a flurry of light and dark feathers. I was trying to free Estella, but at the same time keep Nova from entering my body. Then the decisive strike came around. We flew right towards each other with me grabbing Estella in my arms as Nova forced her way inside me again. What happened next on the outside? Of that, I was uncertain. I only hoped that I landed safely with Estella. On the inside with the endless floor of light and sky of darkness, I continued my fight with Nova Solaris. This time there was no escape. My wings were already here with me and there was no visible exit I could discern. The battle continued until I was tiring and Nova embraced me pulling us together. The light and darkness flashed all around us and I was unsure what was going to happen next. Either one of us could have become dominant, or we could have fused perfectly, or the third option that we may reject each other completely existed. I wondered what was going to happen and what the future now held for me.

(Am leaving the actual result up to the GM. It should be fun to hear the final decision of what happens to my character.)
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Changeling Session 4

I met back up with the others at the Boggins house and we could sense the house was now free, meaning that either the boggin had died or had been somehow forced to give it up. The nice troll put his hand up claiming it for himself whereas the dog pooka pissed on the floor to make it hers. In the end, she got the downstairs with the snail and the kitchen and the troll got the upstairs with the bedrooms. We had last spoken to each other back when we were deciding what to do about the dyson and the old man. I wanted to throw them in the harbour to get rid of them but the snail had poured hot water onto me because I kept insisting that we put things in the water. Eventually we had decided to leave the box with the old man outside Cornhill and then convinced the red cap to eat the dyson.

Now that the freehold had been claimed, albeit from two separate people we thought we could rest a while when suddenly the front of the freehold got ripped off. Standing there was a young girl looking pissed off. The dog pooka went over to the girl and pissed on her and I seized the opportunity to run away. I thought that maybe I should stick with the others, but then I realised if I stayed with them then they’d most likely get caught up in my troubles, but then again…I couldn’t really care too much if they had to deal with my problems, in fact it may have even helped me out. I tried to follow the voltzwagon by changing form to eclipse and flying, but the dantain was too close and as I leapt up I found myself falling and then getting caught by the small version of nasty troll. The red cap comforted the girl though and she fell asleep. It turned out she was actually a twenty year old girl.

The mini troll express ran along carrying me overhead as the red cap took the twenty year old away from here in her car. Surprisingly the mini troll had caught up to me and I wondered to myself if it was possible to turn a dantain into a changeling as a reverse effect. So I sung some gentle melodies to her of magic and fantasy that were similar to childhood lullabies and fairy tales. Being an eshu, it was impossible for me to mess up while performing and it ended up being a resounding success. There was a burst of glamour in the air as she went through her chrysalis and became a very pretty sidhe. We took her to a nice room and she was wondering why the pooka was talking to her. The red cap tried her best to explain since she had just recently experienced the same thing. I told her that I wanted to be friends with her and decided to give her a couple of creative gifts infused with the belief of glamour. I wanted her to enjoy who she was now and believe this life was full of happy memories.
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Changeling Session 3

I woke up to the sounds of birds chirping ‘oh come all ye faithful’ and tripped over a traffic cone as I got out of bed. My head was hurting and the world was spinning. I could smell freshly fried food downstairs and almost felt like being sick. When I got downstairs one of the trolls yelled ‘good morning’ at the top of his voice. I was feeling very ill and my head was aching lots as I wondered who left the traffic cone up in my room and why the room was spinning. I had some toast and the red cap gave me some tea from the snail.

A short while passed and I could hear something loud and big coming this way. I asked if anyone else could hear it, but it seemed I was the only one who could. I quickly ran to the door to see what was there, but knocked myself out on the door frame. When I came around, the mist like nervosa had been sucked up by the troll into a dyson vacuum cleaner and had packaged it into a crate along side a fifty year old man. They put a label on the package to send it to China, but the red cap tried to stop them by attempting to eat the crate, promptly being picked up by the troll. She got munchies, her malteaser chimera to bite him in the arse and he threw her to one side as he went off to get breakfast. The sound of her hitting the wall had woken me up at which point I was sick. The red cap then got munchies to bite a smiley face in the side of the box to stop the bad man from suffocating before giving me some water and paracetamol to cure my headache.

Everyone was arguing by this point about whether to dispose of the man by throwing him into the sea, shipping him abroad, letting him go with a second chance or using him to our own end. I just wanted the arguing to stop and noticed that the man in the crate was starting to awaken. I quickly seized the opportunity while everyone was arguing to change Luna into a trolley and wheel the crate quickly down the hill towards the harbour. After a short while of running, the others started to chase me and one of the trolls leapt onto me, breaking my leg. I was hurting in both my head and my leg now, but the red cap gave me a joint to smoke, which took away all the pain for a while. I was picked up by the nice troll, who passed me to the nasty troll making me panic after what he did to my leg.

Just then a miniature version of nasty troll appeared. Nasty troll tried to kick him, but he was picked up and battered against a lamppost repeatedly. He was now fighting with himself and I was on my own again after being dropped to the ground. I got Luna to get on my back and become my wings so I could fly to the hospital, but munchies bit my leg to stop me and I fell to the ground unconscious. The red cap set my legs and I ended up screaming as I awoke to the pain and was given another joint to smoke. I was now sobering up at last and I’m never going to drink alcohol ever again… (How many people say that?) After that we headed back to the boggins home, the nice troll shook the crate trying to interrogate the man inside and after that the satyr tried to persuade him to tell us what he knew via nicer means.
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